When you get an amazing package from your best friend in the UK #mademyday
New stadium! (at Yulman Stadium)
Bday dinner with my girls :) (at Antoine’s Restaurant)
Lovely almost bday dinner at Antoine’s!  (at Antoine’s Restaurant)
beginning of sunset
Far side of playa samara
My third decadence & it’s still as colorful as ever! (at Napoleon’s Itch)
I’m not usually drawing attention to my only tattoo, but today it feels appropriate. Today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And while I didn’t live in New Orleans before the storm, I distinctly remember how it felt to watch helplessly on the news. Only 6 years after the storm, I decided to make New Orleans my home. I got this tattoo after only a year living here, to represent the bond this city and I will now have forever. Now I sit here, working while there’s a thunderstorm outside - as the sky itself mourns this terrible day and all of the lives it took. I remember all the disapproving things people told me when I happily announced my decision to move here. Thank god I ignored all of them. This city gave me more hope and joy than anyplace I had ever been before. While the scars of the storm still can be felt and seen around the city, it is the regrowth and human spirit and hopefulness that stays with you. New Orleans and I are both fixer uppers. We both have a long way to go to be successful, but I know we can get there in time. The best decision I ever made was to move here and become a small part of the regrowth. People can talk about how bad they feel or how sympathetic they are, but few would ever put themselves in the middle of the situation. The heroes who came back months later are those kind of special people. Everyone in this city shows bravery and strength. That is my New Orleans- now and forever.
Beautiful day for a saints game! Who dat?! (at Mercedes-Benz Superdome)
Met a dragon from Asheville, N.C. at the midsummer Mardi Gras  (at Palmer Park)